Electrical issues hold up real estate deals. We're here to help you settle quicker.

How our real estate process works

An electrical infraction list is one of the biggest hold-ups to any real estate transaction.
Stay ahead and get to the settlement table quicker.


Dispatch a Spotlight crew

Spotlight Energy Solutions dispatches a crew to your client's property for an affordable cost.


Your crew inspects the property

A crew arrives at your client's property and conducts a thorough whole house electrical inspection.


The crew delivers your proposal

Within 24 hours, your client receives a detailed report and blueprint of the property indicating infractions, suggested upgrades, along with proposed costs for repairs.


Approval and Repair Execution

The crew returns, repairs all infractions, and awards a whole house "sealed" electrical certification. Hand out this certification from your first showing, ultimately getting you to the settlement table quicker.

Who makes up a crew?

Project Manager

You and your client get a dedicated project manager that is in charge of coordinating your visit. The project manager will also act as your point of contact for questions, concerns, and the delivery of your report.

Electrical Code Specialist

All of Spotlight's technicians have on average 20 years of wiring experience. We hold weekly sessions on code updates to ensure that we're always compliant with the latest electrical state regulations.

Technical Apprentices

Added technical apprentices on the job allows our inspections to run quickly and smoothly. These apprentices will be assisting the code specialist through each visit we make.

What we look for

We offer a wide range of services specific to real estate transactions.

  • Knob and Tube Wiring

    Our inspections are never with our "eyes only". We manually inspect every single device on the property in order to trace out exactly where knob and tube wiring exists.

  • Code Violations

    Our technicians locate and mark every single repair needed to meet National Electric Code requirements.

  • Electrical Upgrades

    Need a new service upgrade for more amps? Recessed lighting in the kitchen? No problem. We can help increase your listing price.

  • Smoke/CO Compliance

    We ensure that all smoke and CO detectors are compliant with National regulations.

How does using Spotlight as a service help me and my client?

Align with Reliability

Not only do we have over 30 years of electrical knowledge, but you can align yourself with an electrician that always shows and always delivers.

Pitch Us

It's hard to stand out. Not only are we a great addition to your real estate team, but we can be leveraged as a sales tool to win more business.

Make More Money

We get your client to the settlement table quicker. Build a great reputation by delivering tremendous value while closing more deals each year.

Save Time and Grow

We help you spend less time at the negotiation table and more time on follow ups, winning clients, and team growth.

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