Going solar with Spotlight Energy is easier than ever.

Going solar with Spotlight Energy is easier than ever.

The solar industry is a rapidly changing market and is often difficult to keep up with. Solar technology evolves quickly, and new financial incentives are passed by local legislators on an annual basis. Thus, such changes can make installing solar a very overwhelming process for many. How can one possibly make an informed decision?

Spotlight Energy Solutions aims to remove the confusion out of the solar process by educating our customers through the utilization of our "S6 Method".

An Easy Guided Process

We walk at your speed. Spotlight's solar team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who have crafted their solar knowledge and skillset over a 15 year period. Being a 34 year, family owned business, we take pride in our reputation, and make education a top priority, so our clients are well-informed to make confident decisions for themselves.


Spotlight's Hands-Off "S6 Method"

Solar Intro Call

We hold a quick free intro call to answer any initial questions and educate you on how solar works in your area.

System Design

Our in-house design team uses advanced software to accurately project a solar system that best suits you for optimal power production.


We take the design we've created and gather install and material pricing from our partnered and experienced 15-year solar installer.


We compile all pricing and projections into an easy-to-read financial chart that allows you to analyze your projected cash-positive savings over 25 years.

System Install

We handle and manage all audits, engineering, and permitting to ensure a smooth and hands-off installation of your new solar system.

Savings & Security

Once installed, you'll gain all the financial and "off-the-grid" benefits that comes with a complete sustainable solar system on your property.


Augie Conte

Augie Conte

15-year energy veteran with prior experience launching national solar sales teams such as BP Energy, Home Depot's Solar Program, etc.

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

5-year energy specialist with prior experience in real estate and sales.

Chris Davis Jr.

Chris Davis Jr.

5-year energy specialist with prior experience in real estate and SaaS.

Our solar team has been around the block a few times. The team totals 25 years of combined energy experience launching national solar sales teams for companies such as BP Energy. There is no question we cannot answer for you.

Explained Incentives & Pro Forma

Every property is different. Our initial consultation structures an install that has you in mind first. Everything we explain is backed by state and federal solar addendums. We only install solar if it makes complete financial sense for our clients.

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Saving $128,000 over 25 years

Kadar Orthodontics


Saving $410,000 over 25 years


We don't install unless it makes financial sense.

"Work with someone [Spotlight] who has integrity and who will look after your self interest, and will not sell you a solar panel if it's not going to work [financially] for you."

Marjorie S., Pennsauken NJ

A Verified "Unsold" Client

States We Install In

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Idaho
  • Arizona


We fund and design a system that keeps the incentives and benefits in your hands.

Cash Positive Results

We understand the industry at it's core and expose relevant state and federal legislature to ensure we structure a deal that guarantees cash positive results for you.

No Money Down

We're solar financing experts with internal funding access. We structure every solar system where you pay no money out of pocket for your install.

System Ownership

We do not represent a lease program, nor do we recommend listening to anyone who does. We give complete solar system ownership to each client we work with. You should own the asset, not us.

"Excellent customer service is an understatement. Very professional and friendly. Easy to tell they are very knowledgeable and experienced electricians. 10/10 highly recommend."

Tom P., Glendora NJ

"Great company, and the electricians who came to the house were pros, friendly, courteous, and a pleasure to work with."

Ronald G., Greenville DE

"From start to finish it's been an enjoyable experience with Spotlight. My project turned out beautifully in a timely manner. I will definitely use them again & recommend them to everyone! Thank you Spotlight!!"

Quinn B., Barrington NJ

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