Since 1987, Spotlight Energy Solutions (formerly Spotlight Electric) has provided an array of custom commercial and residential electrical services to customers throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We continuously work hard to uphold our reputation of high-quality services, while simultaneously establishing a goal of building a greener future through renewable energy solutions.

We're shaping your greener tomorrow through our quality connections today.

Education Comes First

Spotlight takes pride in educating our clients to the fullest extent before moving forward with any installation. Education removes the guesswork out of each project, and allows our clients to make confident and calculated decisions on what is best for their personal situations.

A Client-Focused Approach

Our company is driven by 35 years of ethics and putting our clients first. We rely on open communication and a thorough process to assure our clients are receiving the utmost satisfaction.

Quality Connections

Spotlight has a profound appreciation for quality connections - not only our electrical connections, but our intimate and personalized connections with our clients as well. We want to be here for you before, during and long after any electrical installation needed.

Meet the Spotlight Management Team

Lo-Ann Davis

Lo-Ann has over 30 years experience working within the electrical industry. She has a strong expertise in client support, acting as the liason between the client and the Spotlight staff. She obtains a keen sense for project coordination, which, in turn, sustains optimal client satisfaction.

Chris Davis Jr.

Chris provides unique and effective sales and marketing strategies to prospect and acquire new business. Before joining Spotlight, he has worked for multiple SAAS companies in Manhattan, NYC, which brings value to Spotlight's tech implementation to properly equip the sales and customer service team with the appropriate tools to be successful.

Kevin Davis

Kevin works diligently to cultivate strategic partnerships with "like-minded" companies and individuals. Kevin has previously worked within the commercial real estate industry, from which he leverages his prior knowledge of real estate to create mutually beneficial and profitable business alliances.

Augie Conte

Augie has obtained several Sales Director positions with multiple solar companies, where he was responsible for designing and implementing sales programs and strategy. He has presented and sold over 9.6 GW of solar power internationally during his 15 year solar career.

Chris Davis Sr.

Chris Sr. is a licensed electrician in NJ, DE and Philadelphia, and has over 35 years of commercial and residential wiring experience. He serves as Spotlight's master electrician and project foreman, having a strong expertise in project management and oversight.

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