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Tom and Lori Kadar have always been energy conscious. The duo recently built a new facility to start treating their patients - they call it the "Kadar Kabin". This new office haven provides their audience an "outdoorsy and environmental" feel.

Kadar Orthodontics was approached by Spotlight Energy Solutions because their office building and roof space was
optimal for a solar system. Upon a free consultation with the Spotlight solar team, Tom and Lori quickly learned that there was zero financial risk in installing a solar system on their building, given the current Federal and NJ solar incentives in place. In fact, Spotlight's solar experts were able to sufficiently design, finance and construct a solar system that now provides Kadar Orthodontics with multiple sources of income and astronomical long-term savings.

Not only did installing solar make sense financially for their business, but it allowed Tom and Lori a simple way to show their customers how they plan on helping the environment for years to come.

System Size: 48 KW
System Type: Roof Mount

Project Results

$409,744 in Projected Energy Savings Over 25 Years WITH $159,388 Income from Gov't Incentives

Another Satisfied Client

"Kadar Orthodontics was proud to work with Spotlight to install solar panels at the Kadar Kabin! Together, we helped improve the environment. We now have a renewable energy source, minimal maintenance costs, and no electric bill. Everyone wins with solar!"

Lori Kadar, Co-Owner

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Project Executed By


Kevin has years of experience executing solar projects both residentially and commercially. Kevin works diligently to cultivate strategic partnerships with "energy-focused" companies and individuals. Kevin has previously worked within the commercial real estate industry, from which he leverages his prior knowledge of real estate to create mutually beneficial and profitable opportunities for Spotlight's solar clients.