Gain Energy Independence in Haddon Heights, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Get residential solar services to take your home off the grid

Efficient solar panels are an investment that can benefit your property. Spotlight Energy Solutions offers residential solar services in Haddon Heights, NJ and the surrounding area. We can complete your solar panel installation correctly to help you power your home without relying on the energy grid.

Discuss your options for solar panels with an expert by calling us today.

What to expect during your installation

If you're ready to install solar panels, turn to us for residential solar services. Our team will:

  • Gather data about your home's average electricity use
  • Examine the layout, slope and sun exposure of your roof
  • Inspect your roof's condition and determine the physical stress it can take

We'll consider factors like nearby trees and shade levels when planning your installation, and we'll use a thoroughly tested product to prevent leaks when we install your panels. Schedule your solar panel installation now if you want to power your home independently.