Live Better Through Sustainability

Protect your family's future by installing an Eco-Network at your home or business for no money down.

We can have just as big an impact on emissions by switching to electric technologies in our homes and businesses. The use of solar power, energy storage systems, ev charging, smart panels and other innovative technologies will make our economies more efficient and sustainable.

Spotlight Energy Solutions' products and services are already helping to reduce carbon emissions, and we will continue to expand that positive impact as we grow our business.

What is an Eco-Network?

An Eco-Network is a series of highly efficient, clean energy solutions that work cooperatively within your home or business to accomplish complete "off-the-grid" sustainability.

What solutions make up an Eco-Network?

Solar Power

Solar Power

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Smart Panel

Smart Panel

EV Charging

EV Charging

Save the Earth, And Money

With a synchronous eco-network at your home or business, you can save thousands of energy costs each year. Let solar power offset your energy bill while battery backup protects against outages and avoids utility rate increases.

According to a Consumer Reports study, EV drivers can expect to save $800-$1,000 on fuel costs per year.

Disaster-proof Your Property

The United States was faced with 22 major disasters in the year 2020 and it doesn't seem to be quieting down.

With a failing electrical grid across the nation, we may need to face the reality that we could see long-term consistent power outages similar to the Texas deep-freeze blackouts.

Protect Your New Workplace

71% of People Now Work From Home

More people are working and studying from home, multiplying the disruptive impacts of power outages. The solution: eco-network installations that make homes more resilient against weather events and grid fragility. A growing number of homeowners are combining solar installations with energy storage technology to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Avoid Monopolized Utility Companies

As a property owner, you never had a choice on who provides your power. You're stuck using whichever utility company has monopolized your area. With this monopoly, you have no choice but agree to any rate increases the utility company decides to enforce.

Choose an Eco-Network Package

We'll design the perfect network that fits your needs.

Solar Power
Battery Backup
Smart Panel
EV Charger

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