When it comes to backup power at your home or business, what is truly the best option for installation?

Decide for yourself


Solar + BatteryPortable GeneratorStandby Generator
Covers up to 100% of circuitsCovers only essential circuitsCovers up to 100% of circuits
Quiet While RunningNoisy While RunningNoisy While Running
Very Eco-FriendlyNot Eco-FriendlyNot Eco-Friendly
Has Install IncentivesNo Install IncentivesNo Install Incentives
No Cost to RunAdded Fuel Costs to RunAdded Fuel Costs to Run
Automatic Turn-onManual Setup and Turn-onAutomatic Turn-on
Large Property Value IncreaseSmall Property Value IncreaseSmall Property Value Increase
Future-ProofAging OutAging Out
No Money Down$2k - $5k Upfront$15k - $25k Upfront

The Clear Choice

Solar + Battery Backup

Combining solar power with battery backup is a game-changer, particularly come storm season. By storing extra energy captured from the sun, you are still able to power essential appliances in the event of an outage while reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future. Batteries are also an excellent alternative to noisy, fuel-burning generators and provide backup power during emergency situations where there may be gas shortages.

Zero Effort

When the power goes down, your batteries will kick on automatically. Zero setup, refueling, or hassles. Relax and let it do the work for you.

Save Money

It's easy to manage all of your documents in one place. You can also share with colleagues in a click.

Avoid Utility Rate Hikes

Utility Co's charge more at night when there is a high demand for power. With solar + battery backup, you can utilize free energy generated and stored from the sun.

Truly "Get Rid of the Grid"

With solar + battery backup working together, you truly are self-sufficient. If the grid goes down, you can feel safe knowing you can still power your home or business.

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