Ensure You Always Have Power

Get a battery backup for your property in Haddon Heights, NJ or the surrounding area

Solar panels are a cost-saving addition to your property, but you want to keep your lights on even when the sun isn't shining. That's why Spotlight Energy Solutions installs effective and efficient solar panel batteries in and around Haddon Heights, NJ. Having a backup system that stores electricity generated by your panels can ensure you're prepared for any emergency, including outages caused by storms.

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Why should you have a backup battery?

Wondering if you should invest in a solar battery? You'll want a battery backup if:

  • Your solar panels break
  • You experience a power outage
  • Your solar panels don't get enough sunlight

You won't have to worry about the weather with a new solar battery. If you have any questions about solar panel batteries, email us today. We're glad to be of service.