Solar Power

Solar Power

Soon, solar systems will be the new normal for producing and harnessing energy to power our homes and businesses.

Spotlight Energy Solutions' solar team brings over 15 years of solar experience to each deal we're involved with. Our clients consider us solar funding and installation experts that always deliver a system design that guarantees a quick-cash-positive return at your residential or commercial property.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels collect sunlight throughout the day, automatically converting it into electricity, which is then transferred through the system's inverter for household use. Energy produced by your solar system first powers your home, with excess unused energy sent to the electric utility's grid for use by other homes and buildings.



Our electric infrastructure can't meet the demands for energy use. The government's remedy is to incentivize property owners to generate their own energy through solar. These incentives make solar affordable with huge income producing returns.



Our nation's electrical grid is failing us. It's outdated and is compromised when faced against cyber terrorism. We're could be faced with massive scale power outages which will shut down the very things we need to survive.



A solar system allows you to avoid headaches such as utility rate increases to meet demand of overpopulated suburban communties.


Resale Value

Increase your property value by a minimum of 10%. Today's new home buyers are 60% more energy conscious than previous home buying generations.

How much does solar cost?

The cost of an average solar system varies based on several factors. Equipment, permitting, installation, service, and maintenance are all included in your custom-designed Spotlight Energy Solar panel package. For $0 down and 0% APR you can benefit from immediate savings on your electric bill and expect to save upwards of $200,000 over the life of your solar system.

Solar Pricing Factors

Factor 1

Electric Usage

The amount of electricity that you use on a daily basis affects how much power your home solar system will need to produce. We design a system large enough to match you overall usage.

Factor 2

Roof Orientation

A larger roof will provide more space for solar panels, and a south-facing roof will produce more electricity than if it were facing east or west, and will require fewer panels to produce the same amount of energy.

Factor 3


Shade from nearby trees and buildings can affect the amount of sunlight hitting your roof, affecting the amount of energy your solar panels are able to produce. If your roof is heavily shaded you may require additional solar panels to produce enough energy.

Factor 4

Panel Preference

Most solar panels range from 300 to 415 watts per panel. We offer 370, 400, 410, and 415 watt high-efficiency solar panels. A higher wattage panel will produce more energy.


By financing your system, you can switch to solar for $0 down with plans starting at 0% APR. Partner with one of our select financing providers for an interest free loan option.


Own your solar panel system and all incentives that come with it. You'll appreciate significant lifetime savings with a return on investment ideally between 1 and 3 years.


Leasing a system is a budget-friendly option with no financial commitment. The installer owns the panels while you benefit from lower electric rates plus any "off-the-grid" backup benefits.

The Comparison

Select a payment option that fits your needs perfectly.

System OwnershipYouYouSpotlight
Upfront Cost$0Small DownpaymentNone
Interest RateStarts at 0%NoneNone
Payment Terms3-15 yearsNone15-20 years
Monthly PaymentOffset by SolarNoneLow and Fixed
Incentive OwnershipYouYouSpotlight
Transferable to New Owner?YesYesYes

Spotlight uses an advanced algorithmic solar system design software to accurately and precisely plan and project your system production, offset, and savings. Consult Spotlight Energy to see if you're a fit for solar power.

What are the risks of going solar?

None! Spotlight Energy guarantees the production results of your solar system. You receive 100% of the income we project for you, or else those costs are covered on your behalf. We also insure our projects up to 30 years against any maintenance or repairs.

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