Solar Funding & Installation Experts

Solar Funding & Installation Experts

Soon, solar systems will be the new normal for producing and harnessing energy to power our homes and businesses.

Spotlight's solar team brings over 20 years of solar experience to each deal we're involved with. Our clients consider us solar funding and installation experts that always deliver a system design that guarantees a quick-cash-positive return at your residential or commercial property.

Solar Financing for any situation

Our expertise enables you to boost income regardless of your property type. Contact us for a Free solar evaluation, design and system income proposal. We've got the knowledge you need.

Commercial Solar

Add 4 extra income sources for your business

Commercial Solar

Residential Solar

Eliminate your electric costs at home

Residential Solar

We're Solar Educators First

Our educational process ensures a clear understanding of how solar works for your unique situation.

A Warm Greeting

Door-to-door sales is simply too invasive and unnecessary in toady's connected world. We don't go knocking, our clients come knocking to us when and how they want.

Industry Expertise

Our 20 year solar experts bring extensive industry knowledge to your table in order to help you understand exactly how solar energy works.

Explained Incentives

Our experts have a thorough understanding of solar legislature in New Jersey. We help you understand all solar incentives provided at both the state and federal levels.

An Honest Consultation

Not only will our team provide an initial consultation for free, but we'll be the first one to tell you if solar doesn't make sense for your property.

An Ethical Approach

Every property is different. Our initial consultation structures an install that has you in mind first. Everything we explain is backed by state and federal solar addendums. We only install solar if it makes complete financial sense for our clients.

"Work with someone [Spotlight] who has integrity and who will look after your self interest, and will not sell you a solar panel if it's not going to work for you."

Marjorie S., Pennsauken NJ

A Verified "Unsold" Client


Distribution Challenges

Electrical energy is extremely difficult to manufacture and distribute. As a result, electric utility companies are legally raising your costs year-after-year.

Peak Hour Charges

At night, we consume more energy. New Jersey is discretely charging you more during these evening hours without you realizing.

Suburban Expansion

As more city dwellers flee urban settings in 2021, there is a massive demand for a limited supply of electricity.


We use a proprietary solar funding system to save our clients money.

Cash Positive Results

We understand the industry at it's core and expose relevant state and federal legislature to ensure we structure a deal that guarantees cash positive results for you.

No Money Down

We're solar financing experts with internal funding access. We structure every solar system where you pay no money out of pocket for your install.

System Ownership

We do not represent a lease program, nor do we recommend listening to anyone who does. We give complete solar system ownership to each client we work with. You should own the asset, not us.

System Design and Install

System Design and Install

Spotlight uses an advanced algorithmic solar system design software to accurately and precisely plan and project your system production, offset, and savings.


An Energy Conscious Buying Market

An Energy Conscious Buying Market

According to Forbes, 60% of buying millennials care about protecting the environment.

Increased Property Value

Increased Property Value

According to the Government, owning a solar system is proven to increase your property's appraisal value. We can show you how.

Become the Obvious Purchase

Become the Obvious Purchase

You'd position yourself against other sellers in the market with a property that contains zero energy utility bill.

Panels We Install



We can guarantee you energy production results. You receive the income you expect, or else costs are covered for you. It's that simple.