Solar + Battery Backup

Residential and commercial solar electricity systems paired with energy storage can provide homeowners and businesses reliability when the grid fails and experiences outages.

Energy storage offers peace of mind and assurance to charge day-after-day to power critical loads during extended utility outages and natural disasters. Pairing storage with solar offers a renewable energy substitute to a fossil fuel-powered generators that have little options after their fuel source runs out!

What is a solar battery?

Solar batteries, commonly known as the Battery Storage Systems, are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries designed for small-scale home energy usage. These lithium-ion batteries have a significantly higher energy density than lead batteries, meaning it can store and discharge more energy to power more appliances for longer. It also has a superior depth of discharge to lead batteries and are more efficient, meaning more of the energy stored can actually be used.

How does a battery pair with a solar system and smart panel?

When the sun is out, your home's solar system collects that solar energy, which it then uses to directly power your property's electric power needs. If you don't have immediate energy needs matching the amount of energy stored, that excess energy can be saved in your property's battery for later use instead of sending it back to the power grid.

In the event of a power outage, your battery will automatically detect the outage, disconnect from the grid, and restore power to your home, ensuring complete emergency preparedness and reliability during blackout restoration efforts. Your connected loads continue to run without interruption, and your system will continue its normal generation to replenish energy storage during daylight hours.

A single battery can provide power to large appliances for a short period of time or small appliances for a long period of time. When integrated with a smart panel as well, energy storage levels can be monitored from a smart phone app in real-time so you can shed and adjust loads depending on energy available.

Avoid Failing Power Grids

Avoid Failing Power Grids

Recent studies report that utility outages are six times more frequent than previous decades. Whether it be rolling blackouts or extended outages, the aging power grid is as vulnerable as ever from extreme weather.

Instill Peace of Mind

Instill Peace of Mind

Homes with solar and storage can power life-essential medical equipment and appliances like refrigerators, Wi-Fi, water pumps, and heating/cooling devices. Automatically switch to battery power in the event of an outage.

The cost of an average battery backup varies based on several factors. When grouped with a solar system, you can gain the benefits of "off-the-grid" backup power for $0 down and 0% APR.

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