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System Size: 15KW
System Type: Roof Mount

Another Satisfied Client

"Spotlight was invaluable to my solar experience. I understood very little about the cost structure of a solar project nor how it affected my bottom line energy cost. Spotlight came out to my home several times to walk me through the project and showed me how the system saves money each month... The installation project was completed in less than one day. I would definitely recommend Spotlight to anyone interested in solar power."

John S., Homeowner

Project Results

$128,000 in Projected Energy Savings Over 25 Years

Energy Bill Offset

Income from Gov't Incentives

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Project Executed By

Project Executed By


Kevin has years of experience executing solar projects both residentially and commercially. Kevin works diligently to cultivate strategic partnerships with "energy-focused" companies and individuals. Kevin has previously worked within the commercial real estate industry, from which he leverages his prior knowledge of real estate to create mutually beneficial and profitable opportunities for Spotlight's solar clients.